Become a High Performing Team

I take teams on a transformational journey where they move towards being a GREAT team. 
The performance & effectiveness of teams directly affects the results of the business.  A high performing team is one that is motivated and goes the extra mile to achieve the results they have agreed.   In great teams, each person can authentically step into their Leadership and contribute to the team's success.
It is not fun working on a team where morale is low, team members hold back and don't share there ideas or opinions, where there is little trust and no transparency.  Teams like this are not achieving the results they would like.  
I act as a mirror to reveal the team to themselves through various experiential exercises and assessment tools so that they can find solutions and apply their learnings.  It will feel uncomfortable and this is where the changes happen.  

Enable your Full Potential

I coach individuals to develop their personal Leadership so that they can achieve the life they want to live.
When you enable your Personal Leadership you are standing in your power, you are clear in the direction you want your life to go.  You know the goals you want to work on and they bring purpose and meaning into your life.   You have confidence,  are motivated and are on a path to fulfil your potential.   
When your Personal Leadership is awakened your contribution to your team, your family, to your own endeavours will increase and so will your happiness.   
Debbie Brupbacher


How I can help you...

Five Behaviours
Transform your team and release untapped potential.  I use experiential exercises, with a focus on the team as a whole to achieve an increase in productivity & positivity. 
Everything Disc
You will move past personal limits, step into your full potential, find your purpose, passion and have more meaning in your life.
Experiential Learning
Creating opportunities to grow your leadership. Whether it is a workshop, retreat or other events, you will step out of your comfort zone and develop as a leader.
To understand yourself or your team better, assessments are a great basis to begin a coaching and transformation journey. 

My Story

Feeling unfulfilled in my job, I was looking at what to do in the next chapter of my career.  I wanted a clear direction for my future and to find something I was passionate about. 


I worked with a coach who helped me evaluate where my passions lay.  I was able to see that across my career, I have always loved supporting people to be great and realised coaching was a passion I wanted to follow. 



Fast forward a number of years and where I am an ICF Certified Coach with my own business.  I use my corporate experience, my coaching training and my love for outdoors and nature to support individuals and teams to make the change they want, to reach their full potential.  


Debbie Brupbacher


I became clear on my values, how they drive me and what is truly important.

Dorota Karas


Sonya  Davies


Are you ready for Transformation?

Whether you want to work on your own Personal Leadership or take your team to towards being GREAT,  I can support your growth and development.  

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