About Me

I am an authentic, energetic, nature-loving woman who likes to live her life fully.   I regularly embrace my fears and get out of my comfort zone, whether it is trying something new or running 400km.   I value fun and humour and bring this to all I do.  


Using these principles, my corporate and coaching experience, I create impact for my clients so they will have a transforming experience.  

I am a Certified Professional Co-active Coach having trained with the prestigious internationally recognised Coaches Training Institute and here is a little bit more about me: 


  • Lived in 4 countries - Scotland, England, South Africa and Switzerland; learned to build up a life in a new country (and yes Scotland and England are 2 different countries).


  • Endurance runner - I have lots of energy and dedication which helps me take part in Ultra races.  I ran 268 miles up the back of Britain during the middle of winter, winning the Spine race, plus have participated in many more ultra runs.  Running these races requires mental strength and takes me out of my comfort zone.  I bring these principles to my coaching so my clients can accomplish their goals. 


  • Got divorced. Twice - During this phase of my life, I did not know what I really wanted, who I was or how to open my heart fully in a relationship.  I have experienced the ups and downs of relationships and overcame the shame I associated with getting divorced.


  • Meaningful Relationships - Relationships have come and gone since my divorce and I learn so many things from each them, its as if each one has something special to teach me.  


  • Single mother – my daughter is the sunshine of my life and teaches me about myself and relationships every day.


  • 20 years as a Finance professional - CIMA qualified Accountant and Project Manager having worked in large multi-nationals gaining experience working cross-culturally with diverse people.


  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) Switzerland Board Member - Giving back to my community of coaches whilst enhancing the level of certification.


  • Authorised Partner: Everything DisC, Five Behaviours
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) 
  • Associate Certified Coach - International Coach Federation (ICF) 
  • Organisation and Relationship System Coach (ORSC Trained)
  • Team Coaching International (Trained)
  • CIMA Qualified
  • PMI Project Manager